What They Got Was Each Other

Serendipitously, right after posting yesterday's QotD, my friend Mark recommended this interview with Damon Lindelof, one of the primary writers on Lost, the series finale of which aired two years ago today.

At 25 minutes, it's too long for me to transcribe in total, but this was my favorite bit:
"What did these people get out of this plane crash? And the answer, as corny as it sounds, was the one that appealed to me the most, which is: Each other! That's what they got. They were all fucked-up, sad individuals who were lost in their own lives and hated themselves, and somehow they found some fundamental community amongst each other. If they hadn't met each other, and spent all that time on the island, then they would never have been able to forgive themselves for their past sins and break through to some sort of level of self-awakening and forgiveness."
That was always how I viewed the show. I didn't love the final episode, which is the primary focus of the interview, but I will always love the show for being one of the finest stories about community ever told.

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