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Back in February, Cat Fancy announced its "Against All Odds Rescue Contest‏," which solicited readers' stories about dramatic pet rescues. Misty saw this posted somewhere and emailed it to me, telling me I ought to submit Olivia's rescue story tout de suite. So I quickly typed up the 200-words-or-less submission, fired off a picture, and promptly forgot about it.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got a notice that Olivia and I had won second place, the prize for which was three free bags of litter, lol. I'll take it!

The other day, we received a copy of the magazine in the mail. Here's Livsy's write-up, with her adorbz picture...

pic of magazine page with image of Livsy sitting on the stairs and my description of her rescue

My submission (which differs very slightly from what was printed) was: "We were driving to work one morning behind a piece of farm equipment on a rural highway, when a tiny ball of fur fell off the back of the trailer, hit the pavement, and bounced into the verge. I pulled over quickly, and my husband Iain jumped out and ran into the grass to retrieve what turned out to be a small grey kitten. Her face and paws were bleeding, but she was alive. We rushed her to the vet, then raced to work, covered in blood. (Our tardiness was forgiven.) After work, we returned to the vet's office, where she had gotten a chin implant over a nick in her jawbone, been stitched up nicely, and was doing fine. We paid the bill and brought her home to meet her two new feline siblings, who took to her immediately, as if they knew she'd been through enough. We also discovered she was not grey after all: Under a layer of soot, we uncovered her lovely white fur. 'You were a dirty wee urchin, weren't you?' said Iain to the kitten, who looked back at him at mewed from her seat in his cupped hands. We christened her Olivia Twist."

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