Primarily Awful

image of Mitt Romney during an interview at Fox News

This is just a neat picture of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney doing GREAT during a television interview. He did such a good job! Ha ha just kidding. He was awful. He really "pulled a Mitt Romney," as the kids say. (The kids are definitely saying that.) Has anyone else noticed that Mitt Romney is kind of a terrible candidate? Oh, everyone else has? Cool.

In other Mitt Romney news, in addition to the daily news that he is terrible, Mitt Romney says he does not have a secret deal with Ron Paul. Sure, sure. Likely story. We might believe that, Mitt Romney, if making a secret deal with the other candidate who is barely a viable candidate at all and is even less appealing to your base than Newt Gingrich and Rick fucking Santorum weren't a totally Mitt Romney thing to do! That kind of TERRIFIC wheeling and dealing has Mitt Romney written ALL OVER IT!

Question: Will it surprise you to hear that Mitt Romney is a huge hypocrite on yet another issue? No? Me neither!

Moving on to Santorumier waters, Rick Santorum is definitely the candidate with his pulse on the important issues of our time. With millions of USians un- or underemployed, millions of USians filing for bankruptcy, millions of USians losing their homes to foreclosure, millions of USians lacking access to healthcare, millions of USians experiencing food insecurity, millions of USians still lacking the basic rights and equality promised to them as citizens, and the nation's infrastructure dangerously crumbling, Rick Santorum "has promised to crack down on the distribution of pornography if elected."

Tremendous. You know you've definitely hit on a real roof-raiser of an idea when it looks like it was yanked straight from the pages of Joe Lieberman's 2002 playbook.

For the record, I'm not unsympathetic to concerns about pornography. Anyone who's concerned about sexual objectification, dehumanization, rape culture, and human trafficking has concerns about pornography and the industry which creates it. But I don't think the solution to addressing those issues is treating access to pornography like an on-off switch, and creating a black market that will actually more deeply entrench the serious problems with porn—among which is not that enjoyment of sex for pleasure is yucky.

But I digress. Porn consumption is not on-topic for this thread. That Rick Santorum is a grody hater of pleasure-sex is.

image of Rick Santorum saying 'Seriously, can you stop talking about doing it for fun? It's making me feel like I might barf or poop my pants.'

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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