The Wedding Dance

Piano and string music. Text Onscreen: A film by Elliot London.

Colorful round paper lanterns. A sign reading "Welcome / Bienvenidos / Jed & Fabi's / Wedding Reception." A little girl in a fancy dress runs up and grabs the hand of the cameraperson. "Hi, how are you! Come quick!" She leads the cameraperson down a path to the reception.

There are lots of people mingling in a brightly decorated courtyard. The cameraperson moves about, interviewing people. A young white man in a tuxedo says: "Jed, you're my best friend. You saved my life, and you helped me accept mine." An older white lady, seated beside another older white lady who is clearly her partner, says: "Your Aunt Sally and I have been together for twenty-two years." The other lady interrupts: "Twenty-three. If we can make it work, anybody can make it work!" They clink glasses.

Two young white women seated at a table speak into the camera. Says one, "So, Jed, after years of fighting over you, we're finally ready to accept that neither of us are your type." The other nods. At another table, a young woman with gothy styling and a lip ring says, "I've always felt like an outsider. But you [laughs] you accept me, and made me realize there is no outside." An opposite-sex Latin@ couple then appears before the camera; the woman says in Spanish: "You have shown us, Jed, that love is love and family is family." A young white man holding a gift says: "Your father practically raised me."

Cut to a white man wearing a boutineer, who appears to be the father of the groom, looking nervous, saying to a woman: "Is this okay, Jennifer?" She takes his hands and tells him: "Derek, calm down. Everything's going to be beautiful." He exhales nervously: "Right."

Cut to the same woman, standing with another white man wearing the same boutineer, then says to the camera: "Jed and Fabi, we are so happy you found each other." The man says: "I'm the proudest father."

Cut to the slicing of the wedding cake. The bride and groom are finally revealed. Fabi is a young Latina woman; Jed is a young white man. They feed each other cake and kiss. Cut to the sister of the bride giving a speech: "Fabi, you might be married, but you'll always be my baby sister. I love you, Fabiana." The sister turns to the crowd. "Before the lovely couple takes the first dance, Jed has an announcement he'd like to make."

The groom kisses the bride, who nods at him and smiles; he takes the stage. "To everyone, I want you to know that you're very special to me and Fabiana; you've enriched our lives and supported us, even when it wasn't always easy. But, uh, if you'll indulge me just a little here, I'd like to take a moment and give thanks to the couple that made me what I am today—my parents." He gestures out to the crowd, and the camera pans to the two men who were each standing with Jennifer earlier. They are holding hands. "Would you please honor me and celebrate our union by joining us for our very first dance?"

The men walk toward the couple. "Come here, Dad," says Fabiana, and kisses Dad Derek as he takes her in his arms to dance. Jed walks into his other dad's arms, and they begin to dance. "I always dreamed about dancing with you at your wedding," says the dad. Jed says, "I love you, Dad," and lies his head on his father's shoulder. They dance.

Fade to white. Credits.
[Via Andy.]

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