A Song For You, By Which I Mean Me

Flula, with a little help from his friends Flula and Flula, wrote a song specifically for me and now I feel so special! The words go a little something like this:
Hey you, you are so nice and great and cute and handsome and pretty
So I did write this love song for you and only you
Specifically for you
Here we go

Oh, you!
I love to kiss you because you are the perfect height for kissing which is
(garbled)'s interest
Oh, you!
I love it when you do thing to me you know what I'm talking about
Oh yeah!
So I won't say it
And you!
I love that your name rhymes with my favorite word which is
Oh you!
I know your favorite book
your favorite food
And your favorite day of the week which is

Oh yes, you, I know everything about you
I can be so specific
I just want to scream your name
Because I know your name, you know
But I want to hear you scream your name and I will listen
So when I say Oh, you say your name
Ready? Okay
Say your name
Say your name I can't hear you
Say your name out loud
Oh, that was nice
Now it is my turn to say your name
Let's do it

(Cut to black)

Oh no! We just did lose our power! I cannot say your name now
This is so sad and a big surprise

Next time I'm gonna scream your name out loud!
Now I don't feel so bad about not having a boyfriend. Thanks, Flula!

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