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image of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney pointing and saying 'You're fired!', with patriotic background, reading 'Mitt Romney: Trump Approved!'

OMG, y'all! Were you SO SURPRISED by today's BIG NEWS?! Billionaire gentleman and genius Donald Trump DID NOT, as expected, endorse Newt Gingrich, but instead endorsed Mitt Romney! WOWEE WOW! Now that's a reversal even the very talented screenwriters of Atlas Shrugged, Part II: The Shruggening couldn't have written! The twists and turns this primary has taken! It's like a roller coaster! Mostly because of all the barrrrrrrrrf!

There are three ways to look at this scintillating endorsement news: 1. Donald Trump knows how toxic he is, and hopes his grody endorsement hurts Mitt Romney. 2. Donald Trump doesn't know or care about anything except his own ego and flipped a coin to see which of the two conservadipshits he'd endorse once all the cameras were pointed at him. 3. Who gives a fuck.

My preference is #3. YMMV.

Something something Ron Paul. Something something Rick Santorum. Their SuperPACs each owe me $50,000 for pretending like they still matter enough to mention.

In other not-news, Mitt Romney is a gaffe machine and a flip-flopper and a terrible, incoherent campaigner, no doy. He is also a dumbass.

However, he is also still not Newt Gingrich, and thus is he leading big in Nevada, the site of the next Republican Primary.

an image of Mitt Romney with text reading 'Mitt Romney for President: He will make you barf slightly less than any of the other options. He's literally the best the GOP's got. www.yikes.oof'

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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