[Content Note: This post discusses fat hatred and diabetes.]

So celebrity chef Paula Deen has confirmed that she has diabetes II. And now that enough people are criticizing the "just desserts" jokes, and pointing out that singularly "eating your way to diabetes" is a myth, the nature of the criticism has changed to call her out for only "admitting" she has diabetes now that she's signed an endorsement deal with a pharmaceutical company, presumably to pitch some diabetes drug.

I'm not going to belabor the point here: This line of argument is some straight-up horseshit.

First of all, being a public figure does not obligate one to disclose their health issues. Secondly, and more importantly, no one gives a hot shit whether Sally Field disclosed her osteoporosis before she started hawking Boniva, and no one demanded to see Jamie Lee Curtis' colonoscopies when she became the pitchwoman for Activia.

And that's because we aren't desperate to find a way to blame them for their own literal ills since they're not OMG FAT. And supposedly making other people OMG FAT.

If you weren't concerned about how long Bob Dole was impotent before he became the spokesboner for Viagra (and you weren't), then shut the fuck up about Paula Deen.

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