Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by Deeky's and my brainstwinzy infinite love of Britpop.

Recommended Reading:

Andrea: Melissa Harris-Perry Has Her Own Show!

Mannion: My liberal conscience is clear, thank you, Glenn, thank you, Andrew.

Resistance: How Many? [Content Note: Discussion of immigration and wrongful deportation]

Tami: A Review of the Remake of Straw Dogs, and the Reactions Thereto [Content Note: Discussion of violence, sexual assault, and racism]

Chally: Libra's New Transphobic Ad, and What You Can Do About It

Fannie: Religious Honcho Reveals Gigantic Anti-Catholic Plot (Or Not) [Content Note: Homophobic bigotry and minimization of racism]

Andy: Rick Santorum Booed Again for Statements on Same-Sex Marriage

Edichne: Dependency, Santorum, and Blank People I love with so many hearts this line from Echidne's piece: "Santorum...wants wives to be financially dependent on their husbands and doesn't appear to have any opinions about dependency and those who are born with trust funds." Snerk.

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