Daily Dose of Cute

When we first got Dudley, he was so scared of me touching him that he'd pee on himself in fright if I got near him. Yesterday, not quite two years later, I was sitting on the loveseat in the living room when Dudley hopped up next to me and laid his head across my lap.

That was a remarkable moment, because, even though he has now long loved affection, and would cozy up next to you if you sat beside him, he hasn't been the type to initiate an intimate snuggle. That, Zelda taught him.

Video Description: Zelda grabs a plushy lobster from the dogs' toy bin and carries it, through a sea of scattered toys, over to Dudley's dog bed where he is lying. She lines up next to him, then lies down beside him, carefully threading herself between his gangly legs. (When Zelly first got here, she'd try this maneuver and Dudz would hop up and walk away.) She chews contentedly on the lobster. "What are you doing, puppies?" I ask, from behind the camera. Zelly looks at me, then goes back to chewing. "Are you being good dogs? Djohhhh. So cute."

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