If you, like me, love bats and wanted to be "the world'th foremotht bat exthpert" when you were a child with a lisp, then you will love the stuffing out of this video. If, on the other hand, you do not find bats adorable and even their fine mosquito-devouring qualities cannot endear them to you, give this one a pass.

Text Onscreen: Lil' Drac—An orphaned short-tailed fruit bat. Lil' Drac's mother was rescued after a zoo closure. The stress of the transfer caused her to abandon her baby. This is not uncommon for mothers who feel unsure of their own safety. Lil' Drac was found shortly after he was abandoned and hand-raised by Bat World Sanctuary volunteers. [Piano music. Video of Lil' Drac, a tiny wee bat whose head is smaller than a fingernail, being held in white hands, being gently rubbed and wrapped in gauze as if it's a blanket.] Lil' Drac was examined for injuries, warmed, and comforted before being fed. [Video of Lil' Drac being gently stroked with the tip of a cotton swab.] A warm, damp cotton swab feels a bit like a mother's tongue. [Video of a small piece of foam being held up to Lil' Drac's mouth and milk formula being dropped into it; he slowly begins to nurse.] A tiny foam tip is used so he can nurse his milk formula. It takes him awhile, but he finally gets the hang of it. [Video of Lil' Drac being stroked with a cloth and fingertips while he nurses on the foam, then hanging upside down a finger.] As the days passed he became stronger as his personality emerged… [He stretches his wing, scratches himself with his foot, and then begins to gently sway while hanging from the finger.] …and we discovered that he likes to rock himself after being fed. [Adorbs little bat rocks to pretty piano music, aaaaaand this is where I begin to blub. The person begins to gently brush him with a tiny brush.] He needs to be gently brushed to encourage self-grooming. [Lil' Drac clings to fingers, still sucking on foam. Scratches himself. Falls asleep on fingers.] Lil' Drac grows bigger and stronger every day… [Video of Lil' Drac rocking some more.] …and he rocks. [Major blub.] For more information about bats and how they make the world a better place, please visit Music: White Horse by Brian Crain. Thank you Brian for allowing us to use your beautiful music!
[Via The Daily What.]

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