Quote of the Day

"What is this 'mac and cheese'—is that a black thing?"—Pat Robertson, Professor of Huh at LOL University.

Kristi Watts, a black woman, on video, interviewing former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, also a black woman: What's that one thing at Thanksgiving you just have to have?

Rice, grinning: It's mac and cheese.

Watts: [claps] Sister, that is my dish!

Rice, nodding and grinning: Yes. Yes.

Watts: That's the one thing that I can rock!

Rice: But only once—once a year.

[edit back to studio at The 700 Club, where ancient white man Pat Robertson, a professional Christian Supremacist asshole, sits with Watts]

Robertson: Good interview, Kristi. Congratulations.

Watts: Thank you, Pat. [claps]

Robertson: What is this 'mac and cheese'—is that a black thing?

Watts: It is a black thing, Pat! It is! Listen, and you guys, other people, the world needs to get on board with macaroni and cheese. Seriously! I just—okay, Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have to have macaroni and cheese, and it just, it trips me out that you don't!

Robertson: I really don't! I don't and I have never!

[They both laugh.]
Personally, I enjoy my mac and cheese with some emeffing iced tea.

In my experience, mac and cheese isn't "a black thing," so much as it is a class thing, i.e. poorer folks tend to eat more mac and cheese (and other variations on pasta + dairy/protein, like tuna casserole). What a splendid example of ignorance and privilege that Pat Robertson, introduced to an unfamiliar tradition, just assumes it must be "a black thing," because obviously there can be no tradition shared among many people on which he, Super-Privileged White Dude, isn't an expert. Must be "a black thing" if he doesn't know about it. Yiiiiiiikes.


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