Cool Columnists. Totally Trenchant.

Two of the Washington Post's four opinion columnists have used their columns today to police the language of, respectively, a retiring member of Congress and a teenager:

a screen cap of the WaPo's op-ed page advertising Dana Milbank's and Ruth Marcus' columns: Milbank's tease reads 'Barney the bully: Frank's tart tongue kept him from achieving more.' and Marcus' tease reads 'Missed manners: Why Emma Sullivan's vulgar tweet 'sucks'.'

It's contemptible enough that two prominent and privileged op-ed columnists have been given space by a major US newspaper to concern troll and language police a gay congressman and a teenage girl, but the fact that it's Dana Milbank, who has used in his professional capacity misogynist slurs against the Secretary of State, and Ruth Marcus, who thinks decency is telling people triggered by invasive security procedures to "grow up," imbues this little parade of sanctimony with an intense fuckery that would be hilarious if it weren't so profoundly grim.

[H/T to @ScottMadin.]

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