Occupy Oakland Conflagration

In this morning's Economic News Round-Up, I linked one story about the police action against Occupy Oakland protesters last night, but I also wanted to provide a dedicated thread to that serious incident, at which more than 100 people were arrested and many injured by the "non-lethal weaponry," i.e. concussion grenades, beanbags, and rubber bullets, that were used to disperse the crowd stop people from making use of their rights of assembly and free speech.

Aaron Bady has an excellent timeline and firsthand account of events here.

Malia Wollan and J. David Goodman have a great, comprehensive compilation of video and images here, where I direct you with the warning that there are graphic images of injuries sustained by protesters.

Raw Story details, with video footage, the story of the Marine veteran who was injured "after being shot at point-blank range with bean bags or rubber bullets by police."

This Burrito's got a gallery of images from the past couple of days here.

Also see: David Atkins.

There's not a whole lot I've got to say about this authoritarian bullshit at the moment, but I will note the increasing absurdity of conservatives who call Obama's tax policy "class warfare" while 99 percenters are literally being brutalized in the streets by agents of the state.

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