Daily Dose of Cute

Doggeh Wrasslin'!

Video Description: Dudley lies in the middle of the living room floor on his side; Zelda can be heard trotting down the hall. She comes into the room and sniffs at Dudley's face, then walks by. He gets up, tongue hanging out of his mouth like a glaikit. They wrestle around, Dudley on the floor, so that he's shorter than Zel and gives her a chance to be the Big Dog. Then he jumps up, and they spin around biting each other's faces and legs, snarfing and huffing at each other. Matilda, sitting next to me off-camera, can be heard hissing in the background. Zel sniffs at her, then goes back to playing with Dudz. I pan to Matilda, who is having none of it, and wanders away. Zelly play-bows and leaps at Dudz, and then they lick each other's mouths. Dudley flops back down, and Zelda trots away. (About 5 seconds later, after I'd turned off the camera, she came back, and dumped as many toys as she could carry on his head.)

Still pix of the whole Party of Five below the fold (on most browsers)…

Matilda the Cat, lying on me and looking up at me

Olivia the Cat, lying on the back of the couch near the window

Sophie the Cat, lying on the stairs and looking very serious

Dudley the Greyhound, in profile
Dudley (Why the long face, Dudz? Hurr hurr.)

Zelda the Mutt, lying on the floor looking over her shoulder at me

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