Ron Swanson Still Kicks Butt

As you femifarts, queerbaits, gender-benders, fat chicks, and various other dinguses may remember, Ron Swanson is my favorite person on television, because he is a majestic specimen of mustachioed manhood and a Great American. So you can imagine how excited I was (no homo) when I saw this glorious collection of portraits of Ron Swanson, Man Hero.

I really don't want to have to pick a favorite, but if I was cornered by a pack of wolf-tiger hybrids with nothing but my wits, my Chuck Norris Action Jeans, and my nunchucks to save me, and the Lord of the Wolf-Tigers offered me sanctuary in exchange for my selection of the best Ron Swanson portrait, well, fuck man, I guess I'd pick this one:

portrait of Ron Swanson

Hey, speaking of pictures of American Heroes, check out this picture I just found in my bathroom of me and my ex-wife/fiancée Tammy's first wedding day.

image of Butch and Tammy's wedding day; the photo has been scribbled on and bears a cigarette burn and coffee stains

HA HA. What a coupla crazy kids we were! We sure have been through a lot since then. So's that picture, amirite? Man, if I can scratch that "douche" offa there, I'm gonna get that shit on matching t-shirts for our next wedding. MEMORIES!

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