Daily Dose of Cute

I've mentioned previously that Zelda doesn't like having her paws touched, which makes clipping her claws difficult. So earlier today, when the groomer was here to give Matilda a new lion cut (no, there are no pictures yet, because Tilsy is pouting, thankyouverymuch), she met Zelda for the first time, and I mentioned the paws issue. I said the vet had suggested she might have to be sedated for getting her nails trimmed, and our groomer (have I mentioned she's awesome? she is awesome) said with an amusingly unrestrained eyeroll that she didn't think that would be necessary and she'd give it a try.

Well, guess who got her claws clipped like a GOOD GIRL and didn't even need to be muzzled and was completely unstressed by the entire event?

image of Zelda the Mutt curled up on the couch

When she came back in from the grooming truck, Zelda wasn't the slightest bit anxious and had, in fact, made fast friends with the groomer. And she now has perfectly trimmed nails. For a total of $5.

Dudley, meanwhile, took a nap after a hard morning of napping.

Dudley the Greyhound lying half upside-down on the couch

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