[Trigger warning for sexism; objectification.]

Via Copyranter, a charming advertisement from Lighthouse Brewing Company, which, according to its YouTube channel, was produced by a company called Politically Incorrect Entertainment Inc.

Two white dudes sit on a beach in slatted chairs, with a table between them on which sit two beer bottles, a la the ubiquitous Corona commercials. They are ogling a thin white woman in a bikini who stands at the water's edge with her back to them.

Guy 1 leans over to Guy 2 and says: "So what would you rather have—ice cold Lighthouse Beer, or her?"

Guy 2 says: "Are you kidding? It's great beer." They high-five each other. "Sheesh," says Guy 2. "She's hot, though. I'll give ya that."

"Yeah," says Guy 1.

Voiceover, as the camera lingers on the woman's ass in close-up as she bends over: "Lighthouse Brewing: Celebrating women in bikinis since 1998."
I think this is supposed to be a parody of beer commercials, but, the thing is, beer commercials are beyond parody. This just looks like rank misogyny, of the sort that necessarily implies all men are horrible human beings.

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