Mila Kunis Is SO HORRIBLE! (This, too, is sarcasm.)

[Trigger warning for misogyny, coercion, rape culture.]

OMG you guys, remember that TOTALLY CUTE story I told you about, the one where a marine made a YouTube video inviting actress Mila Kunis to go to the Marine Corps Ball with him and then her Garbage With Barfs co-star Justin Timberlake totes put her on the spot to say yes and acted like he owned her during a promotional appearance for their nightmare film...? Gawd that was SO CUTE!

Anyway! It turns out that Mila Kunis now claims to be "working" a lot around the time of the Marine Corps Ball in November and so she's not sure she can go. She is a total bitch! Which is DEFINITELY TRUE, because basically every person on the internetz is saying she is!

And everyone is saying that because everyone suspects no doy that she's using "work" as an excuse to avoid going on a date with a perfect stranger, and there's NO WAY that she should be allowed to bow out gracefully, or adhere to her actual work commitments, because SHE PROMISED after Justin Timberlake pressured her to!

So WHAT A BITCH she is if she doesn't go on this very awkward date with a very nice Marine who gives interviews about how excited he is in which he says things like: "Justin Timberlake's encouragement definitely helped; I owe him one," and "I think I'll keep [any special plans I have in store for Kunis] a secret for now; we have to iron out the details," which aren't GROSS AND CREEPY THINGS TO SAY at all!

In case I'm not laying the sarcasm on thick enough, I believe this entire situation is absolutely disgusting, and I feel immensely sorry for Mila Kunis, who's now been put in a no-win situation by a couple of guys who can't stop metaphorically high-fiving each other over treating her like a fucking trophy.

After thanking Timberlake for being such an awesome wing-man, Sgt. Scott Moore also says in his interview: "I do feel bad for putting her on the spot, but it's not like I was going to bump into her on the streets of Musa Qala between now and the ball."

Which is pretty much the rape culture in a nutshell: Look, I know this is a shitty thing to do to another person, but WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS?!


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