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In The Guardian (H/T The Faculty Lounge), A. L. Kennedy finally gets around to the subject of procrastination in Off-putting behaviour:
I am aware that there are writers who successfully avoid ever having to write at all. Whatever creative energies they may possess have been completely absorbed by displacement activities. These activities often include dressing, sounding and standing (if not drinking – in fact, usually drinking) like an author and so these individuals can seem far more convincing as artists of the well-turned phrase than many people who actually have been published. When I was starting to write, I found this type very confusing. Indoors, I was bewildered by both writing and not writing. I didn't know how to say what I wanted to, or if I really wanted me to, or if anyone else wanted me to. Out in the world, here were these amazing excuses to never bother about such things again. They were a temptation. But I did realise that they were also a horrible, horrible dead end.

PalMD: [TW diet talk] The "hCG diet": a fraud literally without substance

Janet D. Stemwedel: A small happy parenting moment

Maud Newton: [TW discussion of mental illness] Joan Didion on psychiatric trends and diagnoses

Ed Yong: Hacking the genome with a MAGE and a CAGE

Ideas in Food: Watermelon Cocktail Sauce

echidne: Got Milk? On Cows and Bitches. (Hat tips on this topic go to JadeNSC in Wednesday's blogaround and to Scott Madin, who alerted me to a Google Plus discussion led by Jillian C. York about the ad campaign and to a subsequent post at the WaPo which quotes that discussion. N.B.: Jillian York is with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, not the "Electronic Freedom Foundation", as it says in the WaPo blog post.)

angry asian man: the bruce lee stamp: help bring it to reality

And, in Websites I Can't Stop Visiting: Open Yale Courses. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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