Quote of the Day

[Trigger warning for sexism; gender essentialism.]

"I feel more emotionally connected to this apple than I do to a person I've just slept with. Women reading that will think that's awful. But that's what men are made of."Robbie Williams, Pop Singer and Professor of Manology at Science University.

As far as "men are just irrepressible sex-beasts" quotes go, this one is actually pretty tame. But that's kind of the point. It's just another casual reminder, another reductive assertion about monolithic mankind nonchalantly inserted into an interview with a grown-up boybander, that men are made of sex and indifference.

Once again, I will note that it is feminists who have the reputation as man-haters, but it isn't feminists who routinely talk about men like they're emotionless, exploitative garbage. It's Patriarchy enthusiasts like our friend Mr. Williams.

And, yeah, I can imagine a few women thinking that it's awful to say that all men use women (and/or other men?) for sex, but I know a few men who might not be thrilled with that assessment, too.

The real curiosity is why I don't know more of them.

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