Question of the Day

What movie do you love that everyone else (with whom you usually agree about movies) seems to hate?

I love The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (The '05 version. Wow, was it really that long ago?)

I understand that many people dislike this movie because it deviates quite a bit from the book. And I totally get that. I just don't care, in this case. Even Douglas Adams considered the book unfilmable, and as he wrote the screenplay to make it more "movie friendly," that satisfies me. If it's got his stamp of approval, who am I to argue? Besides, it's just so much fun. I thought the casting was absolutely brilliant; could Martin Freeman be more perfect as Arthur? I also really liked the outside-the-box casting of Mos Def. And Bill Nighy as Slartibartfast? OMG, I wish he was in the whole movie. I even love the added bits with John Malkovich. Alan freaking Rickman!

I thought the design of the film was fantastic. I loved the look of the Heart of Gold. When Deep Thought first appeared on screen, the Spudsband and I burst out laughing. And the creatures on line waiting through Vogon bureaucracy... brilliantly done, especially the Lucha Libre monster and the white, fuzzy, horned thing.

Lastly, the Vogons. The Vogons were so 100% accurate as to how I always pictured them in my head, it was absolutely uncanny. (And bless them for using practical effects, rather than CGI!) Not only did they look fantastic, and this may be my bias as a performer/voiceover artist, but the vocal casting for the Vogons was spot on. Not only did the voices match the character's role perfectly, but physically, if that makes any sense. Watch any scene with a Vogon; you know that's how it would really sound.

Like I said, I understand why many people dislike or were disappointed by this movie. I love it.


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