I Get Letters

[Trigger warning for rape culture.]

The latest from the Mixed-Up Files of Ms. Basil E. Trollcollector:
Just wanted to let you know I read your comment policy (even the part that said "Being banned from Shakesville is not an invitation to take your issues to the email inbox of Liss and/or any of the other contributors or mods.")

Not e-mailing to argue, and you have a "Contact" link...so not sure why this isn't an appropriate forum to explain myself.

Just wanted you to know that I was aware of your comment policy and didn't think that it was "rape apologia" to defend [the idea that women shouldn't drink if they don't want to be raped].

…I don't have a desire to continue posting on the site, but being immediately banned for something that didn't feel at all outside of your commenting regulations didn't leave me chance to defend the fact that I'm not a rape apologist, nor a troll who refused to read (or read and ignored) your comment policy.
Once again, I will note the irony of someone violating my comment policy and invading my personal space, despite an awareness of my request that my contact information not be used for such communications, to insist to me that he is not a rape apologist.

For the edification of my correspondent, and anyone else who may be confused: The reason my inbox "isn't an appropriate forum to explain [your]self" is because I have said it isn't and explicitly detailed that it is unwelcome.

When someone sets up a boundary, they don't need to explain or justify it to you.

And when you ignore those boundaries, and someone's agency and right of self-determination to set and define those boundaries, you are an asshole who is hostile to the idea of consent.

That's it and that's all.

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