Huh? Mitt Romney Pretends to Get His Ass Grabbed

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was posting for a photo-op with several female waitresses at a diner, and decided to "tease" them by pretending one of them had grabbed his ass:

Romney says, "Let's see if I can get my arms around everybody," as he lines up with several female waitresses for a photo-op. "Aw, come on—much closer, much closer," he says, squeezing them toward him. Then he exclaims, "Oh!" and jumps forward, as if he's been goosed. He looks at one of the waitresses, who points to another and says, "That was her!"

The video cuts to Romney walking down the street later. A reporter asks him if one of them really grabbed him. He grins and chuckles. "No, no, no. That was just teasing 'em." He laughs and then says it really did happen at some other place during his campaign four years ago. Whut?
I guess it's funny to pretend that a woman in a job with a high rate of sexual harassment has grabbed your ass, if you're a privileged dipfuck.

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