Another Weiner Thread

There are some new developments in the Weiner story re: his possible use of government resources to carry on his internet affairs. TMZ is reporting that he offered one of his internet girlfriends help from his PR team to construct a cover story about their relationship, though it isn't clear if he meant a private PR team (which would be fine from a legal perspective) or if the meant members of his Congressional staff (which would not be fine from a legal perspective). Radar is reporting that that Weiner had phone sex with another internet girlfriend on a Congressional line.

TMZ and Radar are not genuinely what I would consider reputable sources, but the media outlets appear to have been given access to private communications between the women and Weiner. (For a hefty sum, no doubt.)

If the reports are accurate, despite Weiner's claim during yesterday's press conference that he did nothing that should put his job in jeopardy, this could indeed cause major trouble for him, as the use of official resources for private dalliances is obviously a serious ethical violation.

This is the sort of stuff that the Congressional ethics inquiry will clear up, one way or another.

In any case, one thing is always certain: Chris Matthews is an asshole.

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