Daily Dose of Cute

Greyhound Cousins Edition

The main reason that Iain and I drove out to the east coast last week was so we could take Dudley with us, so he could meet his Uncle Space Cowboy and Aunt Space Cowgirl, and his (for realz) distant greyhound cousin Alfie, whom the Space Cowpokes coincidentally adopted several months after we adopted Dudley. There was, as we expected, an extraordinary amount of doggeh cuteness as a result.

"Hey, what's going on over there?"

"Hey, what's going on over here?"

"Let us know if anything is going on anywhere."

Alfie: "I loves mah armadillo." Dudley: "I loves mah lobster."

Snoozing, in stereo.

Dudley: "I'll tackle the eating first." Alfie: "Cool, I'll tackle the drinking first."

Shakers, the GCQ (Greyhound Cute Quotient) was overwhelming last week. I barely survived.

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