Mods Get to See the Darndest Things

This gem just showed up in the moderation queue. In honor of Equal Pay Day, we decided to share its rich wisdom with you all.

How do feminists justify lying about men as they do?

You all know the wage gap is a big lie -- women don't get paid any less if their lazy assess ever do the same work as men, but how often does that ever happen? Right. That 77% figure is saying women do 23% less work than men and so not surprisingly they get paid less on average. Women don't work as man hours as men, women don't do the nasty jobs men do, women don't do dangerous jobs men do, women don't do stressful jobs and women tend to take jobs with a lot of personal fulfillment. Men have careers but then men don't get to marry a woman who pays their bills.

So celebrate your day for how lazy women are while spreading the bigoted lie that women are paid less for the same work. You all know you are liars.

"I know you are, but what am I?" is about as sophisticated a rejoinder as this one deserves, I think, but feel free to discuss it. Or, you know, just point and laugh.

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