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Dear Ridiculous Reactionaries,

Your pearl-clutching, offensively small-minded and false outrage over Jenna Lyons' J. Crew ad featuring her painting the toe nails of her son pink is tired. It's so tired that it just needs to be put to bed. Forever. So, just stop. Also? I have something for you as a parting gift:

No love & less respect,

A Mom of A Boy Whose Favorite Color is Pink

P.S. For the people who also think these reactionaries are jackasses and say things like "my (brother/son/nephew/cousin) dressed up in tutus and make-up and he turned out just fine--he's all grown up now and he does Totally Hetero things"...I understand you may mean well but please stop using "just fine" as a euphemism for "not gay". It still sends the message, however inadvertently, that being gay or transgender or whatever it is those people think will happen to boys if they show any signs of liking "girl things" is somehow not "just fine". It is perfectly fine.

P.P.S. Image of ad below fold.

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