The GOP War on Unions and Uteri

[Trigger warning for anti-choice hostility to bodily autonomy.]

Shaker Mod Aphra_Behn just emailed me (which I am sharing with her permission):
The GOP war on unions and uteruses proceeds splendidly!

* Alabama union busting.

* Tennessee union busting.

* Texas forcible sonograms.

* Georgia abortion clinic fuckery.

Anyone else just totally staggered by the sheer magnitude of the GOP campaign to repeal the entire fucking 20th century?
In good news, though, Republican Congresswoman and Professional Genius Michele Bachmann is "increasingly serious about joining the wide-open race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012," so that will definitely make things better. I mean, even if she doesn't win, she'll elevate the national conversation during the election to the serious and responsible levels these grim times require.

Did I say good news? Sorry, I meant garbage news.

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