Don't Fuck With Franco

Last weekend, a writer for the Yale Daily News wrote a piece (to which I'm not linking directly because there's a stalking joke and ableist language) called "Franco, #getittogether," criticizing James Franco for his substandard Twitter feed: "I would usually never berate someone for tweeting inadequately, because that would be hypocritical — but James Franco is not just some rando on Twitter. He's a Celebrity Tweeter, which deserves all caps and necessitates a higher quality of meaningless, incessant electronic communication."

She went on to note that his tweets were too random-picture heavy and weren't nearly offensive enough, and he was going to have to try a lot harder if he wanted to be a stand-out celebrity tweeter like Kanye West.

Naturally, James Franco responded by tweeting a picture of himself looking every bit the self-important celebrity, upon which he'd scrawled "Fuck the Yale Daily News," because James Franco.


To which the writer posted this follow-up: "[H]is visual/performance/Twitter art response was perfect. I said he should Tweet fewer random pictures and instead be more like the Twitter-ranting Kanye. James Franco, in turn, ranted in the form of a random picture. #wellplayedsir."

What—did you think James Franco wasn't a cheeky monkey who cares more about having fun with writers for the Yale Daily News (and also making a commentary about how he's Not That Guy) than jousting with all the Very Important Critics who trashed his Oscars hosting? You're so weird.

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