Daily Dose of Cute

Last Friday, I posted a video compilation of Dudley running to my office with high value treats. Below, Dudley demonstrates the enthusiasm gap between low value treats and high value treats.

Dudley sits in the living room. Liss: "Who's a good boy? You are? You're a good boy?" She holds out a treat. Dudley sniffs at it, then takes it reluctantly. "Mmm, yummy." He drops the treat on the floor. "No? You don't like that one? How about this one?" She hands him another treat, identical to the first. Dudley takes it gingerly, then looks at her disappointedly. "Ehm. Not interested?" He turns and drops the treat on the floor, then eats it with what can only be described as a resigned dog-shrug. He then returns to the first treat, still lying on the floor, and eats it, leaving crumbs on the floor.

He looks at Liss, stretching leisurely. He sniffs at the crumbs, but leaves them; sniffs at his food and water disinterestedly. He comes to the doorway of the kitchen, in which Liss is standing, and nudges her with his nose, then looks in the direction of the treats drawer. "What is it? Do you want a better treat?" He looks at the treat drawer. "Okay." Liss goes to the treat drawer. Dudley stretches and follows her. "Let's see if we can find a better treat." She rummages in the treat drawer; Dudley turns and runs back into the living room.

When she walks back in, he's lying down like a good boy, awaiting her return. Liss laughs. "Oh-h-h! What a good boy!" She hands him the GOOD TREAT. "There we go." Dudley gently takes the treat from her hand then trots down the hall to her office. Sophie jumps around at the end of the hallway, trying to get him to chase her. [edit] Dudley lies on his giant pillow, slowly munching on the treat, which he has broken into pieces, with a look of contentment. He picks up and savors each piece, then carefully and thoroughly licks up all the crumbs. He looks up at Liss and licks his chops.

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