Actual Headline: Trip to Paris saves this marriage. [Note: There is an anecdote at the link that may trigger re: stalking.]

Actual Thing That Saved This Marriage:
By August 2009, the couple had cautiously started spending time together again, even venturing out on a few dates. "It wasn't the dinners or dances that made me feel in love, but the conversations," says Mary. Del, who had been seeing a therapist, finally opened up to her about his worries and fears. "To me, the most seductive thing a man can do is be truly honest," says Mary.
So...the hard work of self-examination, straightforward communication, and a willingness to make oneself vulnerable to one's partner.

But, by all means, let's keep telling the lie that grand romantic gestures are what make and save relationships, rather than the difficult and frequently tedious (but hugely rewarding) daily practice of building and maintaining good habits of trust and communication.

That always works out well for everyone.

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