Open Thread: WTF Wisconsin

Links via my friend CheeseBreath, who notes she sent them along in case "the Shakers are interested in Wisconsin's GarbageFart(TM) of a governor. What's happening is what the right has been threatening for years. It's just that it looks like they'll pull it off in Madison. At least there's been a healthy resistance."

Paul Harris at The GuardianWisconsin's Tea Party takeover:
Wisconsin is rapidly becoming a disturbing showcase of where America as a whole is headed, as Tea Party political ideas takeover the Republican party. What began as a ragtag scattering of conservative activists two years ago is now starting to have real political power and putting its anti-government, slash-and-burn ideas into practice in ways that impact millions of Americans.

Wisconsin is at the cutting edge of that transformation. Under its Tea Party-favoured new Republican governor, Scott Walker, and with a state legislature that recently flipped from blue to red (that is, from Democratic control to Republican), it is pushing a rightwing agenda that is shocking to American progressives.
TPMDC—Union Protests Continue, Teachers Call In Sick Opposing WI Gov's Proposals: "The protests against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) proposals to roll back public employee unions rights are continuing Wednesday, with schools in the state capital Madison closing as the result of teachers calling in sick en masse."

UWM News: Statement of Chancellor Biddy Martin on the state budget repair bill.

Blue Cheddar: The Public Stands Their Ground—A "Filibuster" of Testimony Continues Until 3AM Wednesday in Wisconsin.

Gluten Free Pumpkins: Political activism – getting the facts down.

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