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VIDA: The Count 2010
The truth is, these numbers don’t lie. But that is just the beginning of this story. What, then, are they really telling us? We know women write. We know women read. It’s time to begin asking why the 2010 numbers don’t reflect those facts with any equity. Many have already begun speculating; more articles and groups are pointing out what our findings suggest: the numbers of articles and reviews simply don’t reflect how many women are actually writing.

Author Laila Lalami is writing a series of posts for The Notion, the group blog at The Nation magazine. My links are to excerpts on Lalami's personal blog, but she provides links to the full texts at The Notion: On Morocco’s February 20 Protests: The Status Quo Cannot Go On; On Lara Logan’s Attack

Angus Johnston: Teachers Unions, ACT/SAT, and Student Performance: Is Wisconsin Out-Ranking the Non-Union States?

Shark-Fu: FYI – Prevention prevents, testing saves lives, and education is a good investment…

Historiann: Is research a tool for maintaining the sexist status quo in academic departments?

Andrea Kuszewski: The Neuroscience Of Creativity And Insight—The Good, The Bad, & The Absolutely Ridiculous (H/T Ed Yong)

NatGeo News Watch: Skull in Underwater Cave May Be Earliest Trace of First Americans (H/T Lilian Nattel)

Mustang Bobby: The Province of Florida

Mary at Hoyden About Town: Life at 1: breastfeeding

Toledo Wines and Vines: 6,000 Year Old Wine Press Unearthed: Ancients Into Dry Red Wine. The cave complex where the wine-making equipment was found, Areni-1, was also home to the oldest known leather shoe found in 2008.

Gorgeous Things: Boston/Worcester MA Locals – Pattern Fitting Seminar!

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