Today in Not News

Glenn Beck is a shameless, vile nightmare.

Yeah, I know, so self-evident at this point it's hardly worth the energy to type. But it takes a real special sort of human horror show with garbage where his soul should be to take to the airwaves not one day, not two days, but three goddamn days in a row to smear Holocaust survivor George Soros as a Nazi collaborator.

And to do it on the basis that Soros' life was saved because his father paid a government official to say the then-13 year old Soros was his godson, so he would be spared from removal to a concentration camp, and the official who agreed to be his protectorate was tasked with taking "inventory on the vast estate of Mor Kornfeld, an extremely wealthy aristocrat of Jewish origin," which Beck has reimagined as "confiscating the property of your fellow Jews."

I mean, I've seen some pretty ugly goddamn smears from the shitsacks at Fox News in the six years I've been doing this, but that is some low-ass fuckery, right there, even for that lot.

You'd think for a group that's so invested in BOOTSTRAPS! they wouldn't be so keen to [TW] victim-blame children for doing whatever it takes to survive in the most incomprehensibly horrific circumstances.

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