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Sure. Absolutely. This sounds great:
After a heated bidding between ABC and CBS that stretched over the weekend, Man Up, a new half-hour project from veteran comedy writer-producer Jack Burditt (30 Rock) and a potential starring vehicle for Tim Allen, has landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment. ... Man Up, from 20th TV and studio-based 21 Laps/Adelstein, is a multi-camera family comedy about a guy fighting for his manhood in a world of women.

For international or younger readers who may not know, Tim Allen is a pick-up truck and power tool commercial voiceover performer who started his career as a stand-up comic specializing in grunting like an ape:

He later starred in a very terrible and very successful garbage sitcom called "Home Improvement," where he flexed his ACTING CHOPS by playing a dude who grunted like an ape:

I really hope he GRUNTS LIKE AN APE in his new show! That would be HILARIOUS! "MAN UP OOG OOG OOG!" Classic.

Tim Allen, much like Adam Carolla, has made a career for himself out of equating adult human men with caricatures of animals that are insulting even to the animals. Men are just simple brainless slaves to their basest urges, whereas women are mystifyingly complex creatures (who are still somehow inferior to men).

Implicit in feminism is not only the belief, but the expectation, that men are not animals—nor infantile, stupid, useless, inept, emotionally stunted, or any other negative stereotype feminists have been accused of promoting—but instead our equals just as much as we are theirs, capable not only of understanding feminism (and feminists), but of actively and rigorously engaging challenges to their socialization, too. Feminists, of course, have the terrible reputation, but it isn't we who consider all men babies, dopes, dogs, and rapists. The holders of those views, inevitably, are aggressive purveyors and defenders of the patriarchy—which itself, after all, takes a rather unpleasantly dim view of most people.

Still, it's feminists who are accused of being man-haters, while men like Tim Allen are lauded by misogynists as brave, truth-saying geniuses.

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