Question of the Day

From a conversation that KBlogz, Iain, and I had last night...

With whom would you least like to be stuck in an elevator for three hours?

After quite a bit of discussion, I eventually settled on Bill O'Reilly. Ugh. Not only is he a professional font of diarrheic invective who disgorges a continual torrent of contemptible rightwing rhetoric, nor is he merely a loathsome sexual harasser and despicable, unconscionable victim-blamer, nor just an unapologetic racist, but I strongly suspect that he is, at all times, a belligerent jackass to everyone around him, too (in a way that, say, the weepier and vocationally theatrical Glenn Beck probably isn't), an authentically disagreeable and aggressively entitled shithead whose company would be more unpleasant than even my darkest fears could conjure.

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