Ooops your nouns

On the subject of objective media, The Times [New York] had a story up earlier this week:
In Efforts to End Bullying, Some See Agenda

Some is a nifty little pronoun, but it's not clear to me who it refers to. People? Bigots? People who are bigots?

Agenda is another word. According to Wiktionary, it can mean "A temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to (or the plural of agendum, if you're into that)." A temporally linked series of actionable items, got it. My agenda for the afternoon is to finish this post and take a nap grade papers. The Times' agenda is to make money by gaining readers (via the misappropriation of nouns, apparently) and selling advertising space. (Good luck with that, BTW.) These bigots' agenda is to cement their version of Christian supremacy in part by getting us all to focus on OMGQUEERZ.

Agendas, we all have them.

The story here isn't, as the headline indicates (or doesn't) that horrible bigots say horrible things. Rather, it's that horrible people in positions of power are doing horribly bigoted things at the behest of other horrible bigots. This is slightly different than the age old question: 'What do privileged people think about their own privilege?'

On the actual subject of the article, for the bazillionth time, relationships and sexuality are not entirely the same thing. Heather has two mommies. Heather's mommies also probably have sex. Granted, if lesbians controlled the media, there'd probably be some sort of lesbian Oprah and Dr. Oz lecturing us on the evils of lesbian bed death. In America, we all get to make culture, including fucked-up and judgmental parts. Yay!

Now, I'm not saying that our schoolchildren shouldn't have amazing, empowering, healthy discussions about sexuality that don't erase everyone. What I am saying is that AFAIK my daughter's sex education has been largely confined to the very rare 'uh...that? It's nothing... Look over there! A pony!!!!' Yet, she very clearly understands and accepts that she has two moms. She's 3, BTW.

What I understand is that there are people who want my daughter to feel bad about her parents. That's not about sexuality as much as it is about bullying. Which brings us back to the issue of agendas. The circle of life continues, in small part aided by a not-so-thorough probing from the Times.

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