Aw, Hell Naw!

[A tip of my hat to Elle for the title.]

Chris Matthews' fuckery is beyond fucking description:

[Transcript here.]
Video Description: Chris Matthews shows a clip of Hillary Clinton being interviewed by the Australian Comedy Show from which yesterday's Quote of the Day was taken. (If you are able to watch/listen to the video, do, because she is great here.) Then Matthews says: "Had more people seen that side of the former first lady and senator from New York, history might have gone down differently back in 2008." Matthews reportedly intro'ed the clip with: "Had you seen this Hillary Clinton back in 2008, I think a lot of people would have made her president." OH MY FUCKING GOD. Gee, Chris, why is that more people didn't see that side of Hillary Clinton during the last election? Is it because she TOTALLY CHANGED HER PERSONALITY IN TWO YEARS, do you think, or is it maybe because of dipshit misogybags in the media who garbage-farted segments like "Is Hillary Clinton a She-Devil?" and "Smart politics for GOP to demonize Hillary?" accompanied by images of Clinton with FUCKING DEVIL HORNS photoshopped onto her head!!!???!!! It's not like Hillary Clinton being charming wasn't available for reporting in 2008, you mendacious wankstain. It's just that you chose not to report it.

So do us all a fucking favor and don't pretend like you played no part in voters not getting a glimpse of Clinton being witty and effervescent. Do us all a favor and don't try to imply that Clinton failed to deliver the charm on the campaign trail. Do us all a favor and take some responsibility for the role you play in the democratic process, or just shut the fuck up.

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