Sure. Why not.
If you share a name with someone famous — like, say, 35-year-old pinball geek Justin Bieber of Jacksonville, Fla., or one of the five Betty Whites in Boston, MA — you might soon be getting a call from somebody at CBS. The network has teamed with 51 Minds (the company behind such critically beloved VH1 fare as I Love New York and Rock of Love) for a new reality project dubbed The Same Name. The basic premise of the show revolves around finding regular folks whose names happen to be the same as celebs, and then having the two temporarily trade lives.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go legally change my name to Barack Obama, so I can apply for the show. Get ready for THE DAY OF A THOUSAND WACKY EXECUTIVE ORDERS!!!

Where "wacky" = "progressive."

(TW for sexual violence: I'm also totes going to submit Iain's name (close enough!) so that he can spend a day working on a novel about a privileged man whose life is thrown into upheaval because a woman he fancies has been raped, threatened with rape, or is already dead. Perhaps he can rewrite whatever his famous name-sharer has been working on to include a female protagonist who has motivations other than trauma, and then there might exist an Ian McEwan novel I actually enjoy reading!)

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