[Trigger warning for suicide, homophobia, and Christian supremacy.]
Officials on college campuses across the nation are alarmed at a wave of recent suicides involving Christians who have been harassed by homosexual activists. The main stream media isn't covering the story so, as usual, I have taken it upon myself to do their jobs for them. None of the following eight cases have been covered by any of the three major news networks.
Thus begins an article titled "Eight Straight Suicides" by conservative writer Mike Adams at the cesspool known as Townhall.com. He then goes on to describe the details of these cases, in which straight Christians purportedly killed themselves after being "harassed by homosexual activists." The details, I assure you, are not important, because this is the final paragraph:
These eight cases are all true except for one thing: The Christians who were bullied by gays and gay activists are all still alive. Not a single one has committed suicide. That is because they have centered their lives around Jesus Christ, rather than their sexual identity. And no amount of bullying can change my mind about that.
Psych! They didn't kill themselves after all! And it isn't because the entire culture in which they reside is structured to assure them in every conceivable way that being straight and Christian is superior to being not-straight and not-Christian; it's just because they're inherently better people, stronger, blessed.

This is vile even by Townhall's execrable standards.

I will leave it to you to dissect in comments everything that is wrong with this pile of fetid shit, from disappearing gay Christians, to pretending there's no such thing as straight or Christian privilege, to appropriating the suicide of bullied teens for a breathtakingly inappropriate literary conceit all in the name of playing another round of Poor Persecuted Christians. (See also. And here. Among many others.)

I will instead just make this one observation...

You know, I know a lot of straight people and a lot of gay people (and a lot of people who fall somewhere in between), and no one—but no one—centers their lives around their sexual identity more than straight conservative Christians, whose identities as man/husband/father and woman/wife/mother are inseparable. They speak of procreation as their purpose, and assert that procreation must be between one man and one woman, only, ever.

Being straight, getting married, making babies, raising those babies to be straight, get married, and make more babies, quivers full of them, is the essence of conservative Christianity.

To assert that it is gay people who "center their lives" around their sexuality is just another example of conservative Christian projection. (See also. And here. Among many others.)

And their genuinely pathetic campaign of self-pity would be thoroughly hilarious, if only it weren't contributing the the environment in which the suicides of gay youth really, actually happen.

[H/T to Shaker Rachel.]

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