...we're having some pretty wacky weather here.

Now, Dudley's the laziest dog in all of dogkind on a regular day, but, this morning, with the wind howling through the tree branches outside and the rain pelting against the windows, I couldn't rouse him from bed for love nor money peanut butter. When I finally managed to convince my dog it was time to get out of bed (!) and go do his morning business, the wind was so wild that we were literally dodging airborne garbage bins.

As I bent over to pick up the mess, I thought: Please Maude, do not let me die by getting hit in the head with a flying garbage can while picking up dogshit.

The wind has kept up all day, and, even for a typically windy area, this is total fuckwind. SpikeTV for Men presents XXXtreme Wind!!!11!

I like this sort of storminess, with all its electric whooshing and ominous jangling of distant windchimes. I like the sound it makes on the pavement with crunchy leaves; I like the patterns it draws across the sky with clouds of unusual color.

Of course, I have the privilege of being indoors. And human.

When I had Dudley out around noon, a squirrel with an impossibly large walnut in hir mouth ran up a tree right beside us, near the corner of the house. Zie paused, eye-level with me, clinging to the branch as the bullying wind knocked hir about, and gave me a wide-eyed look, as if to say, "What. The. Fuck." before carrying on, up onto the roof, and disappearing somewhere into the tops of the trees in the backyard.

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