Obama on The Daily Show

So, the president was on The Daily Show last night. (If you didn't see it, and want to, you can watch it here.)

Predictably, I found the whole thing annoying, as the president pleaded for patience, and whinged about not getting enough credit, and audited for "fairness" various criticisms of the administration. (Guess what? None of the criticisms I tend to make are fair. Shocking!) He also used the word "folks" like nine thousand times in the first five minutes of the show. When his 2012 reelection campaign starts in earnest, we're so playing the "Obama Says 'Folks' Drinking Game" during his stump speeches and the debates. Start stocking up on the booze now!

The high-point: His plug for voting. His encouragement to people to get involved in the process (while ironic, given that he panders to corporate elements who render individual voters increasingly irrelevant) is a refreshing change from the fearmongering "VOTE! AND VOTE FOR US OR YOU WILL BE DEAD!" horseshit that used to emanate from the Bush administration.

The low-point: "Heckuva job, Lawrence Summers." Ugh. He tried to recover quickly with a wink and a grin and an assurance it was a pun (oh really? so you think he did a shitty job, too?), but nope. Fail.

In other news, the president met with some bloggers yesterday, and, during that meeting, claimed his position on same-sex marriage is "evolving." This has become the new Democratic punt, replacing "state's rights" to buy some time before having to actually commit to a principled (or unprincipled) stance on one of the nation's most important civil rights issues.

I predict the Democrats' "evolving" position on same-sex marriage will evolve right into full-throated support the moment it becomes politically expedient. Which will naturally be a total coincidence.

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