I understand, but that is not how it works

Eons ago, I signed something somewhere that had to do with MoveOn, and now I'm apparently one of their bazillion members. This means that [TW: ableist language] I get e-mails. Here's the bulk of today's, which came under the subject line "Do you really need clean socks that bad?" [emphasis mine]:

Dear MoveOn member,

I know you're busy. The laundry's not done, the house is a mess, the kids need dinner, and the car needs an oil change.

But there are only eight days left till Election Day! If there was ever a time to drop everything—this is it!

Think about it: A year from now, what will you remember from this week? The stellar job you did folding your socks? The episode of "Dancing with the Stars" that you watched? Or the work you did to stop the Republican takeover?

I give you permission—whatever is on your list of things to do, put it off! So can you call MoveOn members and help recruit the volunteers we need to win?

Nice work denegrating your base and their busy lives. Bonus points for choosing domestic activities typically thought of as women's work, and a TV show that, IMO, appears largely targeted at women. I guess you slipped in that oil change bit as a way of showing that you're not just putting down the ladies? I dunno. In any case, heckuva job.

I may well be doing some lit drops this weekend, but I sure as hell don't need your permission. More to the point, my employer does not care what you think, nor does my landlord, nor do my creditors. My daughter also won't take care of herself. None of these things, by the way, involve relaxing and watching television. Mind your privilege.

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