Friday Blogaround

This blogaround is brought to you by ZOMBIE RATS, which are brought to you by Toxoplasmosa gondii:

fluorescence micrograph of T. gondii in blue and yellow
scicurious: Friday Weird Science: HALLOWEEN MAD SCIENCE EDITION. The Zombiefying Parasite!

Image description: a fluorescence micrograph of T. gondii in blue and yellow, enhanced and resized from the one in scicurious' post.

Stacy Bias: Big Fat Kiss-In TOMORROW in NYC, in response to Marie Claire article

Fannie: There, I Fixed It and Stuff Progressives Do: Use Very Edgy Rhetorical Devices (That Marginalize the Marginalized)

Historiann: Teaching while non-white and female

Diane Shipley at FWD/Forward: Guest Post: Stuck and tired: How universities are failing disabled students (like me)

Angry Asian Man: an extra in the "chinese professor" ad speaks out. This post is a follow-up to political ad: future china will laugh at your downfall, america.

[TW for references to violence, both in the article and the embedded video] Steve Silberman of NeuroTribes: I’m Right Here: Rudy Simone on Life as an “Aspergirl”

Take Back Halloween! Blog: We’re going to be on the radio!

Sociological Images: [TW fat hatred] Men Dressing Up as Fat Women: Hilarious and Disgusting! and, since people have mentioned this ad in comments here, Beer, Sex, and "The Hunt".

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