Discussion Thread: Wonder Woman

So, even though every male superhero from The Green Lantern to Ghost Rider can get his own movie, the latest round to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen stalled once again, and now David E. Kelley (aka Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer, he of Doogie Howser, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, et. al.) has "secured a deal with Warner Bros. to bring the princess to the small screen."

Given that I'm a 36-year-old USian feminist woman, I don't guess I need to say that I loved the old Wonder Woman series with Lynda Carter when I was a kid, and, as much as I'd like to see Princess Diana of Themyscira on the big screen, I'm happy to have a whole new generation of burgeoning feminists able to invite her into their home every week, too.

So, the questions are: Are you excited about a new Wonder Woman television project? If you're familiar with Kelley's previous work, do you think he'll do a good job with the franchise? Who would you cast as Wonder Woman?

[Commenting Guidelines: I don't want a contentious debate about "canon" in response to casting suggestions featuring women of color. There are plenty of spaces for those sorts of debates; this isn't one of them. Defending "tradition" is for conservatives, and this is a progressive space.]

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