What. A. Fuckhead.
Bush said he misses certain aspects of the presidency.

"I miss being pampered; I miss Air Force One; I miss being commander in chief of an awesome group of (people)," he said.
I miss gettin' them piggy-back rides from Scottie McClellan, and I miss playing craps on office time with Turd Blossom, and I miss rolling around my optimistic rug with Barney, pretending to be a dog named Mr. Woofington, and most of all I miss playing pranks on Dick Cheney, like the one where I sealed his desk rifle in jello. Heh heh. Good times.

'Member that time he was being pampered in Air Force One while flying over the devastation in New Orleans...? I'm glad to know at least he got to combine two of his favorite activities while being obliged to sully his beautiful mind with the unfun presidenting parts.

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