What do CBS and FAIL! have in common?

[Trigger warning for dehumanization.]

Shaker Andrea emails (which I am posting with her permission):
I think Shakesville would be the perfect blog to discuss the horrifying and hilarious slideshow displayed on cbsnews.com today. "Vaginas: 14 Amazing Facts You Won't Believe," subtitled "What do sharks and vaginas have in common? Find out," contains lots of pictures of mostly white women [frequently just disembodied parts, and one woman with her mouth taped shut], green buttons, pink water guns, neon capital letters, and, er, sharks.

These pictures are captioned by dubious sex ed (apparently the vagina comes with a pleasure button called the clitoris? uh, really?), and generally objectify women's bodies. CBS News. Gah, CBS News.

I saw the first frame of the slideshow (thin white woman's naked thighs, question mark in pink square covering the place where the thighs meet) in the corner of a page containing an interview with Sarah Shourd, the hiker just released from Iran. I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't reading the Onion, and then I had to click to see whether the slideshow was as awful as it looked. It is. This is a real thing in the world.

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