This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

[Trigger warning for rape apologism, heterocentrism, ciscentrism.]

Another important dispatch from the Department of Gender Essentialism, Evo-Psych, and Farts...

One-Night Stands Explained: Men Prefer Hot Bods to Pretty Faces.

And that explains why women have one-night stands how...?

Wait wait—don't tell me! I bet it's because of our ancient evo-ova driving us to procure seed to make teh babies, amirite? HIGH FIVE, LADIES! (But only the cis ladies, obviously.)

You know, the really fun thing about evo-psych is how useful it has the potential to be for rape apologists, given its insistence on ripping apart our bodies from our minds and assigning them their own individual motivations. When scientists say that our sexual urges are "operating outside of conscious awareness," it's like getting a big fat stamp of institutional approval on that old "your mouth says no, but your body says yes" chestnut. Classic!

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