WaPo: "The Obama administration objected Thursday to immediately ending the military's ban on openly gay service members, saying that an injunction to stop the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy might harm military readiness at a time of war."

Truly, deeply absurd. Nearly 80% of the US population supports a repeal of DADT. The administration is literally pandering to the most despicable, backwards, retrofuck homophobes in the country.

Cowards. Liars. Unprincipled assholes.

No one, but no one, honestly believes that repealing DADT "might harm military readiness." That's a rank bit of mendacity used to disguise ignorant bigotry and religious hooey.

The gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers who are willing to die for this country, in spite of its stubborn insistence on treating them as second-class citizens, are patriots of such profound resolve that denying them their chance to serve honestly and openly is a rather more spectacular moral failing than two boys kissing could ever hope to be.

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