Emailing! With Liss and Spudsy!

Liss: Look at the callout quote in this piece‏ (about Clinton's speech earlier this week at the Council on Foreign Relations).

[The callout quote reads: "What is so piquant here is not the fact that Hillary understands that Obama is president. It is the growing sense that Hillary would have made a much, much better president than Obama."]

Spudsy: YES. WE KNOW.

Liss: I love the implicit suggestion that there was a chance Hillary Clinton might not have "understood" that Obama was the president. Insert caricature of mouth-foaming Hillary Clinton, driven wild with unfulfilled ambition, sitting at an overturned refrigerator box in her living room with Mrs. President scrawled on it in crayon, barking at Chelsea to "get Tehran on the line STAT! I'll sort out that Ahmadinejad once and for all—if it's the last thing I do as president of this great nation!" and calling Bill "General Husbandton" while ordering a nuclear attack on Oslo (thus proving once and for all you cannot have a woman at the button).

Spudsy: OMFGLOL. My favorite comment from that thread, btw: "Palin will not be the candidate. She is a creation of the liberal media and a desperate, horrible candidate for President, not the GOP at large. " LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liss: I love the first comment: "Could this be Hillary's first punt at the presidency?" Will that she-devil's drive for the presidency never end?! Just look at her—NOW SHE'S BEING GOOD AT HER JOB! SHE WILL STOP AT NOTHING!!!

Spudsy: I love how someone further down is still, STILL pushing the Vince Foster conspiracy. LOL. MURDEROUS HARPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liss: "I heard that Hillary Clinton faked the moon landing."

Spudsy: "I heard that Hillary Clinton is actually some horrible half-woman, half-goat creature."

Liss: "I heard Hillary Clinton's vagina is Illuminati headquarters."

Spudsy: "I heard that Hillary Clinton is secretly working with the United Nations to bring about a universal currency and to abolish Christianity."

Liss: "I heard they tested Hillary Clinton's DNA and found out she's half katana."

Spudsy: "I heard she ate a live cat."

Liss: Well, that's probably true, since it's a standard part of the induction ceremony into the Cult of the Feminazi Cooter.

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